Current Siding Repair Projects

Current Siding Repair Projects

These are the current projects we are performing at Siding Repairs.  For help with your siding repairs go to our Contact Us page to talk about your siding installation or siding repair project

Here are our Current Siding Repairs Projects

We are always performing siding repair and siding installation work across Colorado.  Mainly, we focus on providing an excellent service to our customers so that they are satisfied.  Every siding repair job is different, and it requires someone with experience to first walk the project and make sure that it is estimated right.  Second  we need to verify with the customer that we have scoped out the work properly.  After scoping out the work, the customer verifies that we have accounted for all the work that they want performed.  Next, we start performing the work.  Throughout performing siding repairs work our crew works fast, we are always on the job making sure that it gets done right. 

Finally, we walk the job and make sure that at the end the repairs and installations were performed correctly so that our customer is satisfied and we are satisfied with the work delivered to the customer.

Current Metal Siding Repair Job

For this Roxi job, they found us on our HomeAdvisor.  With this Roxi job they needed a metal reside on their house.  For metal siding there are a couple options that a home owner can choose.  The options for metal siding repair include: aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel.

Roxi Metal Siding Repair Job
Roxi Metal Siding Repair Job

For metal siding, there are a lot of options that can make a home look great.  Every home is different.  Different types of metal siding can add different types of curb appeal to a house.  The color scheme of these different types of metal siding offer different benefits depending on the home owner and their preference of material.

One option for metal siding is a standing seam panel.  This panel is smooth, and has a consistent appearance throughout a house.  Standing seam metal panel systems us a raised seam to connect panels together resulting in high levels of performance in a range of different types of weather conditions.  For instance, it stands up well in hail, harsh cold temperatures, and the snow.

School QuickPanel Siding Installation Job

For this school job, we worked with one of our siding commercial partners.  This commercial partner is Golden Triangle Construction (or GTC).  Golden Triangle Construction is a contractor that is based in Longmont, Colorado and have a great reputation with their commercial work performed.

In particular, this school job was a large project where we worked on every side of the building.

This was a large job that took a lot of preperation, and also took a lot of time making sure that we had performed the work to the best of our abilities and to the high standard that we set for each of the siding repair jobs both big and small.

ACM QuickPanel For School Commercial Siding Repair
School Entrance Showing ACM QuickPanel Siding
ACM QuickPanel For School Siding

The school was South Valley Middle School, which is located in Weld County Colorado.  South Valley Middle School is committed to providing a safe, positive, and growth-centered environment for their students and their community.  They are located at 1004 Main Street Platteville, CO.  It was a great opportunity to use a new great type of siding which was ACM QuickPanel.

ACM QuickPanel is a pressure-equalized rain screen system that uses aluminum trims and aluminum composite metal panels. The QuickPanel Pressure-Equalized Rainscreen System can accommodate up to 5/8″ of building compression between floors.  You can also find more information on ACM QuickPanel siding by looking at the EasyTrim website here.

Greeley Multi-Family Housing Hail Damage Siding Repair Job

This job came from a past client of ours.  The past client had loved our siding repair and siding installation. This was a 42-building hail damage repair.  In particular, there was hail damage on the houses in this complex.

Two different hail storms had lead to multiple houses having siding damage. Worse yet, the siding damage from two separate hail storms meant that no damage was consistent and it required extra attention and extra preparation to make sure that we had repaired all damaged locations from the hail storm

This customer needed a siding repair company to come in, check what type of siding they needed for their siding installation, and then get started as soon as possible.

So we did our estimation, walked the 42-house area, and made sure that we had scoped out our work properly for the customer.  After scoping the work, we got started on the siding repair for these houses.  We had a crew that worked fast throughout the project, showed up early and showed up on weekends too to make sure that we could get this job done as fast as possible.

Greeley Metal Siding Repair
Greeley Hail Damage Siding Repair
Greeley Hail Damage Repair of Siding

Want Siding Repair Answers?

You probably have questions about anything from hail damage to price quotes. Well enter your information here and we will be sure to reach out to you at a convenient time. We know you are busy and we will respect your schedule.  We don’t believe in ‘pushy sales’ because that’s not nice to the fellow Coloradans we love.  Therefore when anyone contacts us with a siding question we make sure to give them respect and we make sure to give them accurate answers to their siding repair questions. 

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With commercial and residential work, quality and customer satisfaction is our first priority.  With every job, we know it is important to do quality work.  For us quality work means (1) showing up on time, (2) making accurate measurements so that we know what the scope of any project is, and (3) communicating with you to make sure you are happy and your are satisfied with our work.

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