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Your Answers On Vinyl Siding

Can I paint my vinyl siding?

Short answer NO. While there are many internet how to’s on painting vinyl siding we strongly urge you not to. It will cancel the manufacturer warranty and destroy your siding. In very specific cases we will consult with you about painting the vinyl and warranty the work.

Can you penetrate the vinyl siding with screws?

Yes you can but not to excess, generally its a no no as per manufacturers warranties but in small areas i.e. garden hose reels and the like it should be no problem.

Can you match my vinyl siding without making it look like a patch?

Yes, we can match siding and we excel in this area through our large network of suppliers and methods.

My vinyl siding has mildew looking spots on the outside surface what is causing this?

This could be a lot of things but generally speaking it is caused by water vapor’s not being allowed to escape. Replacing the siding only will not fix this. The siding can be pressure washed and cleaned usually but if you replace the siding you can evaluate the actual cause of the problem better once the siding is removed. The roof, the wall venting and any of those factors can be addressed once the siding is removed. There are cases where this is caused by lack of a bathroom fan or vent pipe blockage

Your Answers On Insulation And/Or House Wrap

Do I have to have insulation under my vinyl siding?

Not all the time. Sometimes it is helpful to have insulation to level out the wall. Standard insulation only gives the house a little bit of thermal retention of about R2. It is important to make sure to use special insulation tape on all the seams. If the house has insulation and taped seams there is no reason to also have house wrap or tyvek vapor barrier. Taped seams on insulation exceeds any local building code and is better than house wrap because there will be less penetrations in the wall.  Either taped seams on insulation or house wrap is required unless it is just a small repair.

Your Answers On Fiber Cement Siding

Can I make holes in the fiber cement to place things on the siding?

Yes, you will need to use a cement pilot bit and screws to do this. It does nothing to the warranty if done properly.

Can I use PVC or another product on fiber cement siding for trim or around doors?

Absolutely, PVC trim is great to use and there are some great fortified wood products to use too to get even more durability and to save costs.

Your Answers On Wood Siding Repairs

Can I use fiber cement panels and trim to fix problem areas in my wood siding?

Yes, using fiber cement to fix wood siding or using PVC trim is a great solution to wood siding problems.

Your Answers On Metal Siding Issues

What issues might we have with metal siding?

Of all the siding types, metal has the least amount of qualified installers. If you are experiencing problems with metal siding or are considering doing any type of metal siding on your home please consult with us directly and we will be happy to get you an estimate and some references for our metal work.

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