Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl Siding Repair

Top Items To Remember In Vinyl Siding Repair

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The following video gives a brief overview of vinyl siding repair.  

Overview Of Vinyl Siding Repair

We are a siding repair business located in Westminster that has performed work throughout Denver and the Colorado front range area. If you are interested in learning about our siding repair services and installation services feel free to contact us.

However, this article is about educating the community! We think it is important for people to know about vinyl siding and the best practices of vinyl siding repair. Below shows that information.  

Successful Vinyl Siding Wall Prep

First the wall must be prepared. This mean the team should apply sheathing. The Building America Solutions Center states that, sheathing “is a construction solution that provides a thermally efficient building enclosure. Rigid insulation sheathing is made of a rigid plastic foam that is typically sold in 4×8- or 4×10-foot boards” (the Building America Solutions Center, an organization run by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the US Department of Energy, gives information on Construction topics)

Sheathing will provide insulation and also provide a space for the nails to hold the vinyl siding. Next, there will be a width of recess opening and this will be ½” to 1 ¼”.

Also sheathing gives a smooth surface for siding installation and that smooth
The other important part of a home’s structure that needs inspection is: the studs. This is because the siding repair will go directly over the studs.

The studs should not have a curved shape. If any studs are bowed it could mean that vinyl siding will be installed incorrectly.

Finally it is important to make sure the substrate is held together as well. Within the siding repair installation, the substrate helps to weatherproof the home because vinyl siding is not completely watertight.

Beneath Sheathing Of Vinyl Siding

Beneath vinyl siding, there is sheathing, and behind that sheathing there is a foam material to be laid along the side of the structure. This is sometimes called a “continuous foam insulation system.”

Fastening the foam correctly is important. There is a guide by CertainTeed which advises correct correct installation of a continuous insulating system. (More can be found in this CertainTeed Technical Bulletin).

In general, it is important to install all siding products in accordance with National, State, and Local building codes. If you would like us to ask local officials about city or state codes, just tell us your questions.

With the wall system, there are three important factors to consider: furring thickness, fastener selection, and furring spacing. Furring is the term applied to construction where air space is between the inside face of a wall and the back of plaster (as described by the United States Government Publishing Office).

Weather Resistant Barrier Of Vinyl Siding

There are a couple of sheathings that a team may use in their siding repair. The barrier types include:

  • Wood-based sheathing
  • Non-structural sheeting
  • Steel framing

For vinyl siding repair we look to prepare the working surface of the home in three potential ways. One way may be stripping off the old siding and leveling the wall – if it is necessary to level the wall. The second way, would be to apply rigid sheathing to the existing wood siding, so that there is a nice surface to install the vinyl siding on. The third option of preparing the wall is to apply furring to old siding and straighten any unevenness, after that a rigid sheathing would go on top of the furring..

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