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Ghost Wood Siding

Ghost Wood Siding and Ghost Wood Siding Trim use reclaimed wood and also give a rustic look to a home or building

Ghost Wood Siding

For Ghost Wood siding repair se the recent job that we completed (it is also on our Siding Installers and Siding Repairs Facebook Page).

For this Boulder County home we installed a modern and rustic material that is called Ghost Wood.  For those of you that haven’t heard about Ghost Wood you are in for a treat.  This siding material available in Colorado, has a nice natural look and also has great character due to the reclaimed wood.

See the Boulder County Ghost Wood siding job we did in this picture below:

Ghost Wood Siding Video

For more information on Ghost Wood Siding, see the below video on Montana Ghost Wood.  One manufacturer of Montana Ghost Wood is TWC Architectural Moldings (see their page on Ghost Wood The Reclaimed Wood Alternative). .

Ghost Wood Siding Boulder County

For this job, we went to a home in Boulder County Colorado and installed Ghost Wood siding on their home.  It looked especially good because the City of Boulder is well known for loving the outdoors. 

It also looked great because Ghost Wood has a natural appeal that you can’t get with vinyl siding or fiber cement siding.  

Engineered Wood Siding

There are different suppliers of Engineered Wood Siding in Colorado.  Some of the companies that offer engineered wood siding include:

What people like about engineered wood siding and ghost wood siding is that it has a natural look.  Some say the look has “more character”.  It helps your home have a unique appeal that you can’t find with traditional home siding options.

But that is not the only benefit, the material is also versatile, weather-resistant, reliable, and has an easy and safe install too.

If you have any questions about Engineered Wood Siding or Ghost Wood Siding, feel free to contact us below:

Get Ghost Wood Siding and Engineered Wood Siding Help

You probably have questions about anything from hail damage to price quotes. Well enter your information here and we will be sure to reach out to you at a convenient time. We know you are busy and we will respect your schedule.  We don’t believe in ‘pushy sales’ because that’s not nice to the fellow Coloradans we love.  Therefore when anyone contacts us with a siding question we make sure to give them respect and we make sure to give them accurate answers to their siding repair questions. 

More From Our Ghost Wood Siding Project

This was a great project and we love helping home owners get great siding repair or siding installation done.  In particular, we loved working with these home owners and appreciate them trusting us to do good work for them.

See below for more of the Ghost Wood Siding project.

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